Monday, February 9, 2015

Pebble planned new products with new software for 2015.

Pebble has shipped one million of its smartwatches, with new products set to be launched this year, according to The Verge.
Eric Migicovsky, CEO of the company, said that it is looking to maintain momentum in 2015 with new products and a new software platform, which “doesn’t look like what we have today, and doesn’t look like what’s on your smartphone”.
The report said that last year, following the launch of the Pebble Steel device in January 2014, it used the intervening twelve months as an “investment year”. This included growing its team, including taking on developers who previously worked on the Palm/HP/LG webOS platform.
Pebble has also been working with partners to build its app proposition, stating in September that it had a catalogue of more than 4,000 apps, which had been downloaded five million times.
At this point, it also announced it was boosting its health and fitness efforts, with partners including Misfit and Jawbone.
While Pebble has managed to build a strong position in the smartwatch market, despite the efforts of a number of tier-one vendors, it will face a number of challenges in 2015.
Firstly, vendors using Google’s Android Wear platform will begin bringing second-generation products to market, which are likely to be much improved over earlier devices, and help drive app ecosystem growth.
Secondly, Apple’s Watch is set to reach the market imminently, coming with high expectations.

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