Friday, February 27, 2015

Swiss Traditional Watch makers counterattack smartwatches, with smart features.

We see that coming. After all smartwatchers makers are making them much smarter every new model, the Swiss Traditional Watch makers are now aware of what it means for their market and are starting to test their watches with few smart features in, like sleep and motion tracking technology built inside and a companion app to go with them and without sacrificing on style.
Swiss watchmakers Frederique Constant, Mondaine, and Alpina teamed up with the motion-tracking software company Fullpower to create a new, smartwatch platform called MMT Horological, to bring fitness and sleep tracking to traditional watches. 
The software called MotionX will keep tabs on activity, while the Sleeptracker software will monitor the wearer’s sleep patterns and offer up smart alarms. The watches will always show the correct time and date, but they’ll also coordinate with your phone to send you active alerts and coach you. All your data will be backed up and restored on the MotionX cloud.
In addition to offering users Fitbit-like activity tracking, these smarter wristwatches will maintain the classic good looks of their traditional, Swiss counterparts. To top it all off, they’ll also offer 2 years or more of battery life. The first of these watches are expected to arrive in June 2015.

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