Monday, February 23, 2015

T-Mobile and AT&T posting SIX APPEAL the Real Samsung Galaxy S6 (or S6 Edge ?) . Availability: Spring.



Today two of USA carriers T-Mobile was first and AT&T after them posted on their sites pictures of the real device flag ship Samsung smartphone the GALAXY S6 but in two different colors. T-Mobile what looks like a RED and AT&T like a light blue, but we have to wait March 1st to know if the colors on the Galaxy S6 just change on your display as an option to select. Samsung said before on their latest teaser video REFLECTIONS ARE FREE.

The smartphone is full metal and borderless, since the display turns around all the way to the borders and not necessary a 3 edge curved adiitional display like the also rumored Galaxy S6 Edge that could arrive alongside with the Galaxy S6.

On the At&T picture you can read the Availability of the device in Spring 2015.

For us the Galaxy S6 looks superb elegant beautiful design. Congratulations Samsung for that change in hadware, waiting to know more about it and  we hope you are bringing wonderful new features on software as well.

UPDATE: The pictures above might be for the Galaxy S6 Edge or the Galaxy S6 , it is not clear, but the Samsung video teaser says borderless but don`t say exactly to what of the two upcoming models the company is referring to.
For us maybe to both.

AT&T and TMobile

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