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IPTV World Forum 2012: Intel in Smart TV business with the Intel® Atom™ CE5300 Media Processor.

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IPTV World Forum 2012: Intel in Smart TV business with the Intel® Atom™ CE5300 Media Processor.

Consumers will have even more options for their TVs whether it’s a flat panel, HDTV, 3DTV or the newest OLED TV, when service providers use the Intel® Atom™ CE5300 Media Processor (codenamed Berryville) in their set-top boxes, announced today at IPTV World Forum in London by Intel’s Service Provider Division.

What’s a Media Processor?

It’s the brains in a set-top box that seamlessly combines the Internet with TV. It means that Intel and service providers are all working to bring you an easy-to-use interface, 3D graphics capabilities, improved search, and of course, downloadable apps and games for your various digital TVs.

Imagine not crowding around a PC to video chat. Instead, this new chip from Intel will enable you to video conference with friends and family from your big screen TV in the living room. You’ll be able to show your girlfriends your new dance moves without having to worry about getting your laptop camera aimed properly.

Also imagine a great new 3D user interface and console-level graphics for gaming with this high performance chip in set-top boxes.

Your Pay TV Service Gets Better

In addition to the main three services offered today from most service providers (Pay TV, broadband, and fixed voice), you will also start to see new services: gaming, home security, IT/help desk, and home automation.

What’s Next: Residential/Video Gateways Coming Soon

Gateways typically include a modem, VoIP processor, router, tuners, and an applications processor. Some service providers may even include a hard drive so the gateway can be used as DVR or media server. And with almost any device now able to tap into Pay TV and other services, gateways will help traffic multiple TV streams to a viewers’ main TV, the PC in another room, or the tablet in their kitchen – all at the same time.

The Technical Details

The Intel® Atom™ CE5300 Media Processor (codenamed Berryville) is our 4th-generation SoC and our first 32nm part for this market segment that features a dual Intel Atom core with support for hyperthreading and virtualization, an advanced 3D/2D graphics engine, integrated power management, and an H.264 B-picture hardware encoder.

So, is Intel Still Making Silicon for the Smart TV Experience?

Intel’s Service Provider Division (SPD) was created last October when the company wound down its Retail Digital TV business. Intel continues to target the Smart TV experience through various platform solutions for service providers. In fact, over the last year leading Service Providers like Comcast, Free, Liberty Global/UPC, Bouygues Telecom, Numericable and Telecom Italia have announced or launched products on Intel silicon.

So what products does SPD design and manufacture? We target Telcos, and Cable Multi-service Operators (MSOs), and Satellite with Media Processor SoCs. Our line of Cable Modem SoCs, the Puma Family, is designed for set-top boxes, headed and headless gateways (the primary difference between headless and headed gateways is that the headed gateway renders to a display).

Other Announcements at IPTV World Forum in London

Amino will showcase the Amino* Freedom Live Media Gateway, their first Hybrid/OTT media gateway, as well as the latest Opera* TV Browser and Web GL technology, both using the Intel Atom CE5300.

Additionally, Locatel* will launch their STB 10 featuring the Intel Atom CE4150 – a set-top box targeting the hospitality industry at the show.

Intel is at the IPTV World Forum,  at booth 39.

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