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Basemark x 1.1 - The First gaming benchmark for all three major mobile operating systems.

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Consumers and the Industry Can Now Compare Gaming Performance of  Android, iOS and Windows Phone Devices Against Each Other.

Rightware, the leader in performance benchmarking tools and embedded user interface (UI) software, announced today that it has launched Basemark X 1.1. It is an enhanced version of its popular gaming performance evaluation app that runs on virtually any device powered by Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Basemark X is unique in many ways. Most notably, it is the only vendor independent benchmark that utilizes the popular Unity 4.2 game engine which is used by thousands of mobile games. This means that Basemark X scores correlate exceptionally well with real-life gaming performance.

To help consumers in making comparisons, Basemark X outputs a performance score that is directly comparable to that of any other device. It is seamlessly integrated to the world’s largest mobile device performance comparison database, Power Board ( This service enables consumers to make informed and objective purchasing decisions for their next smartphones and tablets.

As with all their critically acclaimed portfolio of benchmarking apps, Rightware has developed Basemark X in close collaboration with member companies in Rightware’s Benchmark Development Program. The member companies represent the largest and most relevant OEMs, semiconductor companies and IP companies of the industry. More information and list of members is available at

The benchmark features two advanced game tests, Dunes and Hangar, both containing PC game quality visuals, rendering and post processing effects. Following is a summary of new features introduced in Basemark X 1.1.
·         Brand new gaming test, Hangar
·         Tests can be run in high or medium quality test mode:
o   In high mode, all rendering features are used
o   In medium mode, dynamic shadows are disabled and a portion of post processing effects are disabled
·         New visuals for menus
·         New scoring system

Basemark X is immediately available as a free download for consumers from Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Marketplace and Amazon Store. Rightware offers a professional version for corporations under separate license agreement.

About Rightware
Rightware® is the market leader in User Interface technology, serving mobile, automotive and other embedded industries with its patent pending Kanzi® solution for rapid 3D and 2D user interface design and deployment. Rightware also develops industry leading system performance analysis tools and its renowned product portfolio includes the Basemark® product family for various benchmarking purposes, including industry standard benchmarks for OpenGL ES, OpenVG, OpenCL, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows Mobile performance measurement. Rightware is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and has offices in Saratoga, CA, Shanghai, Taipei and Munich.

 More information:

Rightware Contact:
Jonas Geust

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