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LG announces Official G Pro 2 with 5.9 inch, Full HD IPS display and 4K Ultra HD recording.

LG announces Official G Pro 2 with 5.9 inch, Full HD IPS display and 4K Ultra HD recording. 

Francisco De Jesùs.

LG Electronics announced today February 13, 2014 the official specifications and picture of the G Pro 2 android smartphone. One of the most important features is the new UX camera performance that LG says is ahead of everyone out there. Lets check them out here below:

camera UX ahead and "Natural Flash

To turn on the flash when taking a color representation of the distortion that can occur, such as excessive exposure to the natural correction makes the image closer to the real.

 "Magic Focus 

To automatically change the focus after taking a series of images you want to select or multiple images can be synthesized. A picture of the ability to put all the focus too.

 'Slow Motion 

Videos taken with HD level 4.1 can play back speed to slow. Rather than to establish speed shooting speed after taking advantage of something that is changing the play.

 'burst shots player 

Up to 20 consecutive pictures taken can be viewed as a single image.

'UHD recording

4K Ultra HD (3840 * 2160) resolution, can take video.

And 'LCD Flash front-facing camera (Flash for Selfie) even in dark situations, self camera photo shoot features appearing bright flash instead of the LCD screen to take advantage of some natural lighting can produce a picture.
UX to become a big screen and a 'mini view (Mini View)'

In 5.9 inch big-screen the smartphone  makes another feature of the screen is the home screen, a small window will appear. Small window can be extended up to a maximum of 4.7 inches, the location can also be moved.


5.9 inch big screen splits into two independent spaces available in convenient multi-tasking capabilities.At the same time, each Internet browser, you can open up and down the room for a  more comfortable web surfing is possible.

UX Privacy and 'Content Lock 

gallery, video player, notebook, notes and choose only the files you want to hide the app, you can hide.Invisibly set a password is possible as well. Search the dropped file is locked is not shared.

 "Guest Mode 

otherwise the lock pattern like a smartphone that enables two functions. "Guest Mode" in the photo, e-mail, instant messaging and other personal information access is blocked and restricted driving friend may lend with confidence. Young children have photos, videos, etc. may be required to use take out . Business and private use, it is possible to separate them.

* 'LG G Pro 2' Specifications
■ 5.9 inch big screen in 'view, taking, listening' pleasure
 LG Electronics LG G Pro 2  has a  5.9 inches large screen, provides optimal grip.
Single button, eliminating all of the border 3mm slim bezel is clean enough to show stylish minimalism.LG Electronics' LG G2 ',' LG G Flex "followed by applying ergonomic back yet luxurious feel and added convenience. Reticular pattern on the front and back cover is reminded of the feeling of metal, the metal mesh surface faintly shining georige (Metal Mesh) method was applied.
viewing pleasure', a vivid picture of the big screen and immersive Full HD IPS

'LG G Pro 2' is jam-packed Full HD IPS display screen mount. The total area of the screen in front of smart phones accounted for up to 77% higher for immersion is excellent.

World markets 'quality LG' stamped on the Full HD IPS display, the brightness, low power, outdoor visibility, such as color accuracy is excellent. The three sub-pixels in one pixel (Red, Green, Blue) by Real RGB yirwojin provides a clearer picture of the way.
Taking joy', 'OIS plus a worry-free camera shake

When taking pictures of LG Electronics to compensate for hand trembling 'OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer, Optical Image Stabilizer),' improved more 'OIS plus' technique mounted.

OIS corrects blurring,  to make up a crystal-clear picture. The front camera has 2.1 million pixel lens with improved performance adopted.
'LG G Pro 2' has a variety of camera UX is added. HD-quality video taken with 1.4 speed to slow play the 'slow motion', continuous shooting up to 20 photos in one image and then look like a 'burst shots players', 4K Ultra HD (3840 * 2160) resolution You can record video in 'UHD burn', even in dark situations, self camera photo shoot out bright 'LCD Flash Front camera' and the main camera functions.
listening pleasure', rich sound - High Power 1W speaker

, LG Electronics 'LG G Pro 2' provides a rich sound at 1W (watt) class was equipped with a high-powered speakers. LG Electronics smartphone 1W speakers mounted in class This is the first time.

The higher output than the speaker's voice is clear and is powered by a high-pitched. Output last year launched 'G Pro' is now more than 30% improved. About 0.5mm thicker bass speakers were complemented.Relatively thicker speaker bass to implement a longer wavelength than beneficial.
LG Electronics 'LG G Pro 2' on the pitch and tempo can be adjusted easily on the smart music player  with enhanced listening pleasure. Smart Music Player 'is the pitch of the sound level and tempo can be adjusted to your preferences allow.

Size157.9 × 81.9 × 8.3 mm
ColorWhite / Silver / Titan
NetworkLTE, LTE-A, LTE broadband
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor (2.26GHz Quad Core)
Display5.9 inches Full HD IPS (1920 × 1080)
Camera13MP OIS plus rear camera, 2.1MP front camera
Battery3,200 mAh / removable
Memory3GB DDR3 RAM 
32GB eMMC 
supports microSD Slot
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 kitkat
ConnectivitySmart Ready bluetooth (BT 5) 
Wi-Fi (802.11 a, b, g, N, ac) 
NFC, SlimPort
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