Monday, February 17, 2014

From Fiction to Fact: Back to the Future Nike shoe with electrical laces coming to reality in 2015.

Francisco De Jesùs.

For fans of the film series " Back to the Future" , is a very difficult scene to forget : in the second film of the trilogy, when Marty McFly , played by Michael J. Fox, is carried forward by Doc Emmett Brown ( Christopher Lloyd) .

Shortly after arriving, the scientist gives the time for clothing that does not clash with your outfit 80 . So Marty , sitting on the DeLorean with legs out, a shoe brand Nike is set , touch a button and these automatically will adjust the laces to fit your foot. "Electrical Cords .Very Good ! " Exclaims surprised the interpreter .

The sportswear brand  released the MAG in 2011 , a limited edition model that reproduced the film shoes. Had the same design, buttons and lights did, but lacked most importantly the  automatic laces.

At that time , the goal was not commercial , but beneficial. A total of 1,500 pairs , which were auctioned by eBay was made to donate the proceeds to the foundation of Michael J. Fox for Parkinson's disease research , disease he suffers from .

But days ago, in a meeting with the press, Tinker Hatfield , a renowned designer sports Nike brand , told the answer to the question " If we will see electrical cords in 2015?  Yes! " Said elated. So far, no details of how it will transcend the futuristic shoes, but in the coming months we will know more.

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