Friday, February 21, 2014

Samsung teases exciting ALL LIFE STYLE features of its Galaxy S5 on Video.

crancisco De Jesùs.

Aren`t you excited? Why not? If you love everything about Technology Electronics and Science as we do, sure you will expecting what is Samsung bringing up in its upcomig Galaxy S5 at the MWC 2014 this Feb 24

together, explorer, curiosity, dad, peace, wet, free, family, victory, connect, party, relax, create, surprise, focus, alive, stand out, social , outdoor, moment, brothers, courage, play, concert, hangout, ride, selfie, flip, talent, dream, speed, fit, fun ,humor, style, you, life.

All above human activities on the Galaxy S5, 9 of those were before teased: speed, outdoot, curiosity, fun, social, style,  fitness, life but privacy is not on that list.

The new for us are: WET , the Galaxy S5 is coming WATERPROOF, we can comfirm this feature with the O2 Germany banner (picture below) and fit or fitness, something related with the upcoming and improved Galaxy Gear 2 that will interact with Galaxy S5 and will be unveiled at MWC 2014 as well.

About the specifications we keep these on the picture below:

Find out more on Monday 24 February at the Samsung UNPACKED event in Barcelona. We will be live blogging.

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