Monday, June 4, 2012

iPhone 5: with Samsung TFT-LCD panels and Clipbond Driver IC COG chip on glass.

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iPhone 5 concept.

iPhone 5: with Samsung TFT-LCD panels and Clipbond Driver IC COG chip on glass.

Driver IC packaging testing service provider Chipbond Technology has obtained orders for COG (chip on glass) chips used in screens for a new version of the iPhone, and 8-inch gold bumping for large-sized TFT-LCD panels produced by Samsung Electronics.

With a monthly packaging and testing capacity of over 100 million COG chips, Chipbond began shipments of 15 million to Apple a month in May. 

As a result, Chipbond will see utilization of its COG and 12-inch gold bumping capacity in the second quarter of 2012 higher than its originally expected 75%.

Chipbond will start shipments of packaged driver ICs to Samsung in the second half of 2012.


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