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Beiber Fever Tour in the Center of the World, Quito, Ecuador. Video.

Beiber Fever in the Center of the World, Quito, Ecuador.

Justin Bieber is presenting his concert in Quito, Ecuador well known city as the center of  the world. Quito is also known as  Best of The World: Most see places for 2013 , according to the National Geographic.

What did Justin want during his permanence in Quito:

When compared with other stars from the world of mainstream music , teen idol Justin Bieber is not so eccentric , it may seem hard to believe . The 19 year old makes news for his shirtless bar nights , for attacking a DJ , have - ' supuestamente' - smoked marijuana or having left your monkey in the German customs , but not by request in his dressing room prostitutes bald and toothless (Marilyn Manson ) , followers of Bob Hope ( Iggy Pop ) , M & M candies without pills cafes (Van Halen ) , new toilet seats (Madonna ) or fourth only for wigs ( Cher ) . 

As for your requirements for your show , the teen idol does not raise many eyebrows when compared with those documented above requests . For example , for presentation at the Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa , this October 31 , the Canadian star has a list of personal taste a worldwide star , but without falling into ideas that can make you sweat ' drop fat ' to those experienced organizers of the show.

 As for his transfer and security, the company responsible for the logistics of the show will have a car available to the artist 24 hours and 11 buses to transport its staff ( 200 people) . In addition , Canadian 1 , 70 m feel much safer if people security , that they will provide their services at the event , it is exceeded , at least , with 18 inches. As for food, the star of the evening has a curious and somewhat adventurous taste . While in his dressing room at any hour not miss coffee, Fiji water ( American brand that packages their water in Fiji , Oceania ) , chips, gummy worms and other sweets acids ; also be part of the table some products our country can offer . 

The ' rider' ( technical name of the artists requirements ) specifically calls Bieber typical Ecuadorian food (unspecified ) and seasonal fruit . In the last application that places special emphasis on not missing the famous Ecuadorian bananas . Thus, the artist ensures a healthy dose of nutrients to help you learn the cuisine of Ecuador and provide a show full of energy for the benefit of his ' Beliebers ' . 

However, when all is over and Boyfriend singer needed rest in the hotel 's presidential suite ( for security , has not said which one) , there are some important items that may be lacking among their grueling tours around the world. Apart from the 30 quilted white towels should be available in your room you can not fail, under any conditions , a video game console (apparently , the artist is an avid ' gamer ' , it has requested the latest games for the XBOX 360 , you must provide ) .

 Obviously , Justin need a good wi-fi signal for connecting your computer MacBook , because since there is usually connected with his followers and keeps them up to date through social networks everything that happens on tour . In order not to miss anything that happens in his native Ontario , Canada in the distance , Justin has requested that the satellite TV is installed in his apartments have enabled the channels produced in the lands of Bryan Adams , Rush , ice hockey and some recent Nobel creditors . So , who bring Justin must address these fancies typical of an artist who at age 16 became a mass phenomenon thanks to YouTube , his talent, youthful appeal and a visionary like Scooter Braun , the record executive who discovered it in in 2008. 

And is that although more than 1000 people work at the concert, the fans agreed to a ticket thinking only of the voice that has designed this list of requirements. 

Over Towels list . Thirty padded type towels will be needed for Justin Bieber can feel comfortable both in your hotel , as before, during and after your presentation. Several YouTube videos show the inevitable with his stage clothes .

 Ecuadorian food . Although not specified a particular dish , Bieber want to explore your culinary horizons and enjoy the best of each country you visit. Undoubtedly, the ' Beliebers ' can advise on Twitter. 

'ping - pong' Table  . Do not believe that the young only play video and satellite television for entertainment. Aside from having access to the fitness center , one of his hobbies during your stay will be the  tennis table.

The Show Previous
Before the show the stadium looked pretty full but not packed . Electronic music echoed throughout the space . Two dj's dressed all in white enlivened the atmosphere prior to the concert. Four giant screens, two on each side of the stage , one at the back of the stage and one in the middle of the stadium field , capture what happens to the ' Beliebers ' in different localities . Every so often you hear the fans screaming his lungs out , stand up , waving hands in the air, up posters, Korean Justin , Justin , Justin ... low temperature appears to affect capital . Accompanying the audience 's enthusiastic parents, who remain seated most of the time. Vendors abound, offering fries , nachos , hot dogs , coffee, hot chocolate and rain ponchos to not let the rain take unawares eager fans .

Video: Today`s Justin Beiber Concert in Quito, Ecuador

Justin Bieber perform on Baby at the Atahualpa Stadium in Quito, Ecuador for the Believe Tour on October 31th, 2013. 

Follow the next concert of Justin Bieber on November 2nd, 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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