Friday, October 18, 2013

Video: First pictures of LG webOS Smart TV launcher on emulator.

Video: First pictures  of LG webOS Smart TV launcher on emulator.

The latest above pictures are from webOS running on emulator for LG smart TV . The launcher have clearly the LG banner with a legend "Smart, Inspired by you.". The icons of some applications  like Youtube,Netflix, Verizon, Hulu Plus, Vadu, AccuWeather and 3 more not so clear to read, and above them a 3D World and LG Recommendations banners.

On the picture to the left up you can see an AccuWeather landscape of Korea registering 16 celsius degrees temperature at that time.

The LG Smart webOS  TV emulator is running on a Oracle VM VirtualBox using Ares.

We can conclude LG and webOS developers in charge are progressing in order to take out to the market an LG webOS Smart TV  in 2014.


  1. awesome,
    great features of LG smart tv,
    maybe i have to buy this smart tv to replace my old television, heheheh


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