Monday, October 7, 2013

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 coming with fingerprint reader sensor. Video.

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If the rumors are true , there is little more than a week to see the premiere of the new generation of Apple's tablet , iPad . The renovation will include  : a new 9.7 -inch iPad(5)and   the iPad 'Mini (2) . 

While there are clear ideas of what will have the equipment, one of the questions that has emerged in recent weeks is whether incorporated in fingerprint reader ' TouchID ' , introduced by Apple with the iPhone 5S and so far only used for that device .

A few weeks ago leaked images of an iPad Mini with a home button similar to the 5S .

The adoption of fingerprint reader in the iPad would not be weird. For example , last year Apple introduced the new Lightning connector next to the iPhone 5. For a few weeks , the phone was the only device to use the new cable, but in October it introduced the iPad Mini and iPad 4 , adding the new connector in both versions. In this case, the iPad 5 would be used to promote the use of TouchID, as well . In recent months there has been speculation of  the presentation of the new iPads this month. The latest rumors reveal an announcement event for next Tuesday October 15 .

A video was uploaded  before on Youtube the author is claiming he has the front metal frame of the new iPad 5 and he shows the sensor button of the iPhone 5S that clearly fits in the iPad 5 frame: 

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