Monday, October 7, 2013

Scientists from MIT and Harvard accidentaly create the Star Wars laser sword possibility.

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Scientist from MIT and Harvard accidentaly create the Stars War laser sword possibility.

George Lucas taught that a laser beam can create powerful weapons, but certainly the legacy of Luke is the lightsaber used by the Jedi in the famous film Star Wars saga ; accessory that every geek and fan of these films science fiction would have , even in toy.

But perhaps today to fulfill that dream , thanks to some scientists created unwittingly (by mistake) a lightsaber .

According to ABC the newspaper  , researchers at MIT and Harvard have announced a technology development that could theoretically be used to build a real laser sword .

A study published by the Harvard Gazette, mentioned that the Center for Ultracold Atoms ( CUA ) with the collaboration of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ) and Harvard University , has managed , against all odds, coaxiar photons within  harder molecules so that the beating between them could , in a match that could be simulated like in the Star Wars film saga , amputating the hand of one of the contenders.

" It is not inappropriate at all compare this technology with laser - swords explains Professor of Physics at Harvard MikhailLukin . When these photons interact with each other , are pushing and blocking the other.

Physical reactions what is happening between these molecules is similar to what can be seen in the films of the famous film franchise " , says the researcher . "In this experiment , we used beams of light and have faced from six different positions to finally get that light rays  managed to cool the atoms " ; action for researchers has been a dream for the past several years , and today have achieved.

In any case, it is expected that in the short term, this new technology has resulted in an " elegant weapon for a more civilized age of Humanity ," as Obi - Wan Kenobe said.

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