Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Samsung (Round) flexible curved display smartphone pictures leaked.

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Samsung (Round) flexible curved display smartphone pictures leaked.

Just yesterday we talked about the possibility of Samsung launching this next week a new smartphone android smartphone code named ROUND and that will start selling it very soon.

Also we pointed out the smartphone will have a flexible curved display. The approximately price of the device in South Korea could be 1 million won= US $933.-

Well now @eveleaks has uploaded some leaked pictures of how the smartphone looks:

The device is running Android beneath Samsung's custom TouchWiz UI, and we can also see that its got "SKT" branding in its status bar, suggesting that the handset will eventually reside on the shelves of South Korean carrier SK Telecom.

The back of the phone, reveals a faux leather texture and stitching similar to what's found on the Galaxy Note 3. The device is said to feature the model number "SM-G910S" and, at least for now, is said to be strictly  for Koreans. 

The innovation in hardware is to place a plastic  organic light-emitting diode (OLED) instead a glass substrate. A flexible bend display speculates the Asian site.

Specifications could be similar to the Galaxy Note 3 says the source.

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