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2014: Samsung Electronics will launch a “Big Data Center”

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Samsung Electronics will launch a “Big Data Center” at its media solution center in 2014.

This is widely seen as a move to turn the firm into a company like IBM or CISCO by putting more resources in strengthening its non-consumer business and boosting its capability to manage data-intensive devices according to each customer.

“We plan to level up our forecast by analyzing Big Data tools,” Samsung said in a press release. It is part of the electronics giant’s reorganization plan for 2014.

It has given more authority to the “Global Business-to-Business (B2B)” center as businesses with corporate clients have emerged as Samsung’s next cash-cow, the company said.

The establishments come after in-depth analysis of information is regarded as the crucial differentiator for any organization.

In response to calls by investors and analysts to cut its heavy reliance on the smartphone business, Samsung officials said capturing and managing structured and unstructured data could transform its business strategies for the better and be a valuable tool for meeting customer demand.

“This is the first time that Samsung has established the Big Data Center. It means, by creating profiles for each corporate client or consumer through Big Data tools, Samsung’s brand offerings could be targeted to meet the customized and specific needs of each client and we believe this is really important for retailers,” said a Samsung official by telephone.

As Samsung’s priority is to raise its profile among corporate clients, its memory chips, for example, are developed for use in high-performance servers and next-generation data centers that include Big Data systems.

Its solid-state drives (SSD) are one part that explains its transition toward a trusted solution provider, according to Samsung officials.

The statement also said the tech giant has recently created a Solution Development Center to supply its logic chips with a greater stability to corporate clients such as Apple.

“Samsung has so far seen a noticeable progress of external corporate growth. The addition of the Big Data Center means that Samsung’s answer for the next phase of growth is companies not consumers,” said another Samsung official.

It’s been in talks with major logistics and retail channels including FeDEX to offer customized phones that can check inventories and control delivery systems with Samsung phones.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun said its goal of achieving $400 billion annual revenue by 2020 remains unchanged as it’s been reaching out to corporate-linked businesses from institutions and educational markets to healthcare facilities that all need highly-stabilized solutions.

In a reshuffle of the company’s divisions, it has maintained the current three divisions ㅡ consumer electronics, device solutions and telecommunications ㅡ however, the firm’s mobile division led by co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun acquired its money-losing camera business.

“Our camera business is expected to create synergy with the decision as Samsung smartphones are already the global top and have stronger brand, as well as stable channels,” said the company.

Yoon Boo-keun, co-CEO of Samsung who handles its consumer electronics division, didn’t respond to questions from reporters as he left the Samsung headquarters in Seocho after participating in Wednesday’s weekly regular meeting with top Samsung executives.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition:

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