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Video: Google`s SCHAFT robot wins DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Video: Google`s SCHAFT  robot wins DARPA Robotics Challenge.

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The "trials" for DARPA Robotics Challenge are over. After two days in which some of the most advanced robots in the world had to face difficult obstacles, the design that won first place was SCHAFT, developed by a team of the same name which is now under the wing of the Mountain View giant, Google.

Will have to wait until late 2014 for the final winner of the DARPA Robotics Challenge . The " trials" that determine the finalists were conducted between Friday and Saturday. Sixteen teams participated , all backed by institutions, agencies and companies of high prestige. 

The tests, very focused on rescue and emergency scenarios led to limit the capabilities of all the robots , however , had the advantage of operating in " bound " , something that does not happen in the finals. In total , eight tests were : vehicle ( or is, lead ) , Property Ladder , Rubble , Door , Wall, Valve and Hose. None of the robots got a perfect score (32 points was the maximum ) , but one of them was very close : SCHAFT His name is owned by a Japanese team of the same name , and now responds to Google . If there was any doubt about the turn of Mountain View to robotics , this victory just dissipate it.

I think the only word to describe SCHAFT action is "impressive" but we must also remember that this kind of designs continue to evolve, therefore,we have not seen its roof. SCHAFT stayed in front at this stage of Robotics Challenge with 27 points, followed distantly by the IHMC Robotics team that scored 20 points on Atlas-Ian, Tartan and Rescue, the robot CHIMP scored 18 points. Tests proved far more complex than they appear. 

In fact, there were three teams who failed to get any points, and to the surprise of many, one of those teams was the NASA robot that used his Valkyrie. The top eight teams will receive one million additional dollars to continue its development and prepare robots face the final. The jackpot? Two million dollars.

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