Friday, December 13, 2013

MWC 2014: Will Samsug unveil a Galaxy Note 3 Lite.? Rumor has it.

MWC 2014: Will Samsug unveil a Galaxy Note 3 Lite.? Rumor has it.

The  smartphone market trends  from 2012 to this yet 2013  are consumers directed to get a low ended smartphone than a high ended version not only by the cost , having lower price the  Lite version, but also for  the circunstance of owning a tablet 7, 8 or 10 inches with all what you need on your daily life, redirects the consumer habit to get a Lite smartphone instead.

The rumor from different sources on the web are saying Samsung will unveil a Galaxy Note 3 Lite version,  with a slight drop from the current high-end specs featured on the original Galaxy Note 3. These Lite Specificiationjs might be: LCD  5.68 inches display instead of AMOLED and an 8-megapixel camera rather than a 13-megapixel one. The Note 3 Lite will likely also feature a less powerful processor, less internal storage and less RAM. 

Evidence of the Galaxy Note 3 Lite’s existence includes the discovery of a new Samsung model number, SM-N7505, which surfaced on shipping manifests for the manufacturer. 

The Galaxy Note 3 Lite, which we exclusively confirmed would be launching in 2014, has entered into mass production on December 12th. Moreover, Samsung is reportedly expecting the Note 3 Lite to account for 30 percent of all sales of the Galaxy Note 3 lineup.

Will Samsug unveil a Galaxy Note 3 Lite at the MWC 2014?


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