Monday, December 9, 2013

Exclusive: Zhejiang Mobile Lynx store to sell China Mobile 4G iPhone 5S/5C, apparently at Y0,01 on Dec18. Leaked pic.

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Despite the chinese source  says Mobile 4G iPhone 5S sale now!
we all know the iPhone 5S/5C 4G for China Mobile will be launched on December 18, 2013.My Drivers from China discovered that Zhejiang Mobile Lynx store will sell the devices apparently at Y0.01, unless the picture taken from that site was in testing mode that could be the initial price and perhaps with  plans to come on. Also says the first batch will be limited. We also don`t know if the Zhejiang Mobile Lynx store is a sister company of China Mobile.
We have used Google Translate for an English translation and it is here below as it came out:
If no accident, then, on December 18 to join Apple, China Mobile will be officially released for mobile 4G network iPhone 5S/5C, but the meaning between the lines from Zhejiang Mobile, the mobile version of 4G iPhone 5S/5C seems to have arrived , but the first is not much supply.
Today, we find in the Zhejiang Mobile Lynx flagship store which has been scheduled to begin working mobile version of the 4G iPhone 5S/5C, users pay a penny to make an appointment Mobile 4G iPhone 5S/5C , but is currently limited mobile users to participate in Ningbo.
Arrival time and the final price is currently no clear Zhejiang Mobile announced, but "the first batch of limited supply," the description, we can speculate that part of the mobile branch currently has quietly storage mobile version 4G iPhone 5S/5C (or at least coming into Library) , otherwise they would know how the limited supply of it?
So far there are 590 users have an appointment edition 4G iPhone 5S/5C, but does not guarantee participation in Zhejiang Mobile appointments every user can grab.
While the mobile version of 4G iPhone 5S/5C price is still unknown, but it is certain that it is real, and really near from us, and we look forward to it?

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