Monday, December 9, 2013

Pac-Man Giant version played on the facade of a London building.

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For the inner child in all of us, what could I do to play Pac -Man even better?

How about playing a giant version on the facade of a building?

In London, England , that dream came true . Namco Bandai and The Gadget Show ( a program tech news / gossip / reviews on Channel 5 in the UK ) have partnered to create a game of Pac -Man as you've never seen before.

With 676.3 square meters, the London Millenium Mill building served as game screen . In fact , the game was so great that broke a Guinness World Record for " largest projection where you can play."

And how do you play a giant game of Pac -Man ? With a joystick and a giant control, tailor-made of course .

You should see something magical games of our childhood enlarged and more exciting because we do a lot. Earlier this year in Brazil, a building in Sao Paulo was manipulated to become the largest machine in the world of video games .

With iPads as controls , Brazilians could play Pac -Man , Space Invaders Tetris and even on the side of that building.

Last spring , some hackers of  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ) in the United States, turned a 21-story building in Cambridge in a giant game of Tetris.

In 2012 , a director of video game created a version 360 degree immersive 3D Pac -Man in New York , United States. Just watching the video dizzys you. But a try worth it.

This trend clears us of the daily routine in a spectacular way . A game of a building size help us to recreate the feeling print and awe that we all knew as kids.

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