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Video: First China probe arrives on the Moon.

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The first Chinese lunar rover landed on the moon on Saturday , less than two weeks after they left Earth , according to Chinese state media.

The landing on the lunar surface makes China one of the three countries after the United States and the former Soviet Union - in landing on the lunar surface, and the first to do so in more than three decades.
In the next decade , China plans to open a permanent space station in Earth orbit .

China had announced his mission last November and the launch took place a decade after the country sent its first astronaut into space.

The probe Chang'e off on a Long March 3B rocket from the Sichuan province in southwestern China.

The unmanned mission marks the first Chinese attempt landing on the lunar surface from the Soviet moon probe 24 in 1976.

Upon landing, the aircraft was scheduled to release Jade Rabbit ( Rabbit Chinese Jade or Yutuen ) a six-wheeled lunar rover equipped with four cameras and two mechanical legs that can get soil samples , as described a vehicle designer Xinhua early November.

A public survey determined the name of the solar-powered robot , which comes from the mascot of the Chinese goddess of the Moon Chang'e . The browser will patrol the surface of the moon for three months, according to Xinhua.

In the United States , scientists have expressed concern that the Chinese mission interferiera a NASA study on the dusty environment of the Moon. Since they had calculated that the decrease of Chang'e will crease considerable column of dust on the surface of the moon , which could affect the results of the investigations conducted  by the Explorer Lunar Atmospheric and Environmental Dusty ( LADEE , for their acronym ) , said the principal of Analysis Group Lunar Exploration NASA Jeff Plescia site .

Mission means the second phase of China's lunar exploration program , which includes orbit the moon, land on its surface and return to Earth . Previous missions included the entire lunar mapping high resolution .

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