Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MULTITASKING is POWERFUL on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Video. Tips & Tricks.

MULTITASKING is POWERFUL on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Video.Tips & Tricks.

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I have really seen a lot of smartphones brands trying to copy or at least make something similar to the truly multitasking of the Palm webOS and for the first time I can say Samsung has gone beyond Palm, thanks to the screen size of the Galaxy Note 3. 

Samsung says:

For the third video in our series, we take a deeper dive into the incredible multitasking power that makes the GALAXY Note 3 a very #SMARTMOVE.
Multi Window lets you split your screen to run two apps at once, adjust window sizes, move windows around and switch between apps with ease. 
In addition, you can drag & drop images and text, run two versions of the same app and multitask on a smaller scale with Pen Window to get things done the smart way.

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