Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nexus 5 getting Android 4.4.1 update to enhance photographic experience.

Google started launching  an update to Android KitKat to solve troubleshoot camera problems. This Android 4.4.1 update should reach the Nexus family (Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10), the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, Edition HTC Google One Moto X and some, depending on the network operator.

The Mountain View firm has turned its efforts to enhance the photographic experience of KitKat. The new Android focuses faster and better automatically. It also has reduced the role of the image stabilizer when there is good light, so photos are taken quickly in good condition.

One of the main new features of Android 4.4.1: speed taking photos. + HDR mode, where waiting is inevitable, at least has added a progress bar, so you can calculate how much is left to process the image. Also added contrast and the colors should be more vivid.

Although through software can not perform miracles, as the photographs are largely dependent on the optical and technical characteristics of the camera, the new Android 4.4.1 KitKat help you make the most of what you already do with phones.

Google Nexus quote:

Picture this: your whole family, reunited for the holidays, in front of a crackling fire. A great image...except if you’re a photographer (in which case, you’d be saying “challenging low light, high contrast...argh!!”). Well, not with HDR+ on Nexus 5, alongside a fresh update to the camera rolling out today with Android 4.4.1. 
HDR+ lets you to take great shots in challenging environments, say where there's a large contrast of bright and dark portions of the scene and also in low light situations. When you press the shutter button, instead of taking just one picture, we take a burst of shots in about 1/3 of a second, and apply computational photography to intelligently fuse images together.
All of this gets a boost with an update to Android 4.4.1 rolling out today to Nexus 5. It improves the camera with faster focusing, especially in low light, faster white balancing, for truer colors, the ability to pinch-zoom the viewfinder in HDR+ mode and less shutter lag. 
So don’t let a dim room or a warm fire be the grinch that stole your holiday reunion masterpiece:

Google Nexus 5 Unlocked:

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