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MWC 2014: Walltik Intelligent Reader creates an Ecosystem of Personalized Interests for Users.

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When Walltik launched last year in May, the journey of the intelligence on how users not only consume but also curate content, was a crucial starting point. It started the development of the platform to read other websites in order to get things done. Its bet came from the users' help and technology in order to help data intelligence and human preferences play at the same time.

The technology that Walltik delivers is personalization (thus, the automatic curation) of interests and content. With so much data flooding the Internet, the user needs help from this tool. Once the user registers, it automatically suggests their interests. Indeed, it may not be that interesting but, if you register from scratch (that means not through the social networks accounts), it delivers accurate interests ("And they got me in one!" a user told the company). However, if that doesn't satisfy the user, it has an interest searcher, which displays suggestions. That's the intelligence that Walltik provides.

When you enter into the world of Walltik, it is quite interesting how you can add URLs. There are differences from current readers or platforms like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and similar ones. It has the freedom of adding URL'S with all the content that the author allows; it even lets you manipulate the content received. But, since the success of a Walltik feature that identifies the author (it has reached a success rate of approximately 80%-90%), it can very easily handle the authorship of the content.

However, we have checked Walltik for that matter and what they want is that the user keeps and shares content. If manipulated, it creates more debate to the issue dealt, as well as providing a viral story for the original content (the source of the URL sets foot once the URL is crawled and published). In the creation of content coming from a Walltik user, there are no restrictions except some quality and limitation on the size of the image and/or video but it enables the user to build in a single post a gallery of media, mixing video and images together.

With regards to the intelligence of the reading of content, Walltik has enabled a suggestions button for interests and profiles/users. In this area, the relevance the user gets is quite impressive when seeking to have the right content that really matters to him/her. The other aspect is when recommending users and profiles of authors. It guides the user to know who's relevant and who's not, which enables him/her to curate those that are worth following. Furthermore, when you have access to their content, you can mark the particular post that really interests you instead of following the whole profile.

With all of this intelligence, Walltik has a third key feature: search. "Even though it still needs a lot of work in making the suggesting and searching features much more interesting and scalable," as Marc Costafreda (CEO of Walltik) points out, "it does help to find interesting content."

As for mobile, Walltik is currently working in its Android application. It will be available in beta mode at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is going to be held at the end of February. Walltik plans to launch it in March. Marc Costafreda adds, "It will bring Walltik to a new and more interesting area. It will not only be an intelligent reader but also an intelligent platform with an integrated chat platform."

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