Thursday, February 6, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 latest specifications rumors. New: waterproof,dustproof and magnetic induction charging.

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About the latest  Samsung Galaxy S5 specifications we can say:

We have TWO sources (chart and tweet below) one from KDB Jan 27,2014 and the second from Eldar Murtazin Feb 4, 2014.
Both sources shows identical list of specifications, with the exception of KDB (chart below) concerning charging says a magnetic induction charging or wireless charging system and adds a 128 GB storage capacity version and a iris and fingerprint recognition with a sensor home button. Specifications that Elder Murtazin did not include.

A THIRD source ETNews Feb 4, adds a waterproof and dustproof functions keys mounted on the main model of the basic function of a premium model

What does it mean? ETNews is refering to a premium model that might be the one with the metal case and the not premium model the other version with the  plastic case that will not have the waterproof and dustproof functions.  Both metal and plastic case Galaxy S5 versions were before rumored.

We invite you to check the pictures below to find the rumored specifications of the upcoming Galaxy S5 at the MWC 2014 Feb 24 in the Samsung UNPACKED 5 event:

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