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Samsung Galaxy S5 with FingerPrint+Iris recognition vs iPhone 6 FingerPrint+Face recognition.Full specifications leaked chart.

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According to a KDB’s Daewoo Securities Research of Jan 27,2013 about Samsung Electronics The current crisis, and future growth, the firm says:

Apple’s competitiveness re-emerging:
The rivalry between SEC (Galaxy S5) and Apple (iPhone 6) will likely to continue this year in the high-end smartphone market. We believe Apple upstaged SEC by first adopting a 64-bit AP and OS. Furthermore, Apple is expected to address a key weakness by adopting a larger display in the upcoming iPhone 6.
The anticipated specifications for the upcoming Galaxy S5 include: a 5.25-inch display, 2560x1440 (560 ppi) resolution, 3GB mobile DRAM, and 3,200mAh battery capacity. The iPhone 6: 1920x1080 (440 ppi) resolution, 1,800mAh battery capacity, and 1GB or 2GB mobile DRAM. 
Ultimately, consumer feedback will determine the success or failure of the two smartphones. For instance, the battery life of the two models could be deemed similar if the Galaxy S5 consumes more energy than the iPhone 6. Also, while the Galaxy S5 might host a higher display resolution, users might feel that the iPhone 5 offers a display that appears more natural. And the verdict is not out yet if the Exynos processor (a 2.0Ghz octa-core) is better than the A6 (a 1.3Ghz dual-core).
The interesting thing besides all the specifications you can see on the chart above is the Samsung Galaxy S5 with FingerPrint+Iris recognition vs iPhone 6 FingerPrint+Face recognition and both smartphones designs. Not clear if they are just concepts. Probably they are more likely.

The firm’s note states that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will debut in either the first or second quarter this year. A separate report recently stated that Samsung plans to unveil the new handset during a special event in mid-March. And Apple  would launch the iPhone 6 two versions 4.7/4.8 inch and 5.5 inch in the 2Q or 3Q 2014.

The KDB Research is very interesting, covers not only releated things to the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 , but also Google`s growth potential, Intel Internet of things, robotics, Amazon ,Tesla, IBM, Lit Motors and NeuroSky and Samsung forecasts and projections.

You can dowlowd the full KDB Research from here below:

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