Monday, February 3, 2014

LG G Pro 2 coming with new Optical Image Stabilizer Plus and 13Mpxls camera.

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LG  will launch the G Pro 2 with the OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer ) technology with EIS( Electro Image System) as a  plus.

OIS alows you to take sharp pictures even in a dark situation and without trembling. EIS corrects the blurring and the shake of the picture making it cristal clear.

The G pro2 will also sport a 13 Mpxls rear camera and a 2.1 mpxls front camera.

To the camera will be added a variety of UX, will also come with HD quality video with slow motion option at 1.4 speed, with 20 photos continuos shoot. You can shoot a UHD burn even in dark situations, self camera photo shooting with Gonzo flash.

LG Korea

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