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Electric Vehicles in the Chilean cordillera overcome challenges .

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Electric Vehicles in the Chilean cordillera overcome challenges .

Helmet , pedals and electric batteries. Seven vehicles don`t needed more the peculiar  Zero Challenge race , with which Chile seeks to promote the development of friendly urban transport environment.

The competition began last Friday. Participants toured hard road curves and slopes in Farellones , a town in the mountains of Chile.

The race continued yesterday in the port city of Valparaiso , with the Pacific Ocean beyond , and today continue through the streets of the capital.

One of the cars was dubbed " Vilti " which means falcon in kunza ethnic language , and is powered by electricity and human-powered .

Capsule shaped , upper door on three wheels , the driver drives through a gear lever which features similar to those of a bicycle.

" We want to propose a new alternative transportation, electric and hybrid cars in for one or two people, who are more like a motorcycle , as a new alternative for transport in the city," he told AFP ,Pablo Ahumada , coordinator of  Challenge Zero.

Most of the teams had competed in the first race of solar cars in Latin America , the Atacama Solar Challenge , which Chile hosted last year.

They belong to universities, such as U. Chile, the U. Catholic , or U. Federico Santa María , and resources also support companies to design their vehicles.

Before you begin, the organizers reviewed the cars of each team and their electric batteries sealed with plastic tape that competitors could not recharge during the race.

Also submitted to a blood alcohol test on drivers , who passed smoothly.

At first glance it is hard to imagine this kind of fragile and slow cars through the streets of big cities. But its creators say it will not be long for widespread use .

A total of sustainable seven electric cars   competed today at  cordillera  Los Andes and accomplished the first stage of "Zero Challenge" organized by the NGO Solar Route, which will continue this weekend with circuits in the city of Valparaiso and Santiago.

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