Tuesday, October 1, 2013

These are the best selling phones in history.

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These are the best selling phones in history.

If I say that Nokia and Motorola have done more for the mobile communications industry than Apple or Google probably you are going to see me with weird eyes. You are currently in a saturated market dominated by the iPhone and the Androids, that another participant has a remote chance, seems difficult. 

In a recent study by the International Telecommunication Union found that in the world there are 2.096 million active mobile lines, and Nokia has been a major participant in this revolution in communication.

The following are the top ten sales in history, you see, all dominated by a clear protagonist (Source: Wikipedia, based on several studies):

So we are all witnesses of how Nokia (and the famous Motorola RAZR V3) gave the initial boost to an industry that is now dominated by services and user experience with smartphones sales up that sharply in each month happens.

In fact, the only model that comes close to the top 10 is the Apple iPhone, according to data from various sources it would have reached the 75 million units sold.

Did you imagine these results?

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