Saturday, January 4, 2014

Apple patented a mobile way to record your heartbeat.

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Apple has patented a way to record the heartbeat on their mobile devices . Although is not the first to do so , the movement aimed at different applications that expand both the capabilities and security of future iPhone terminals.

Heart rate analysis is considered one of the safest biometric identification  methods. It is as unique as a fingerprint  Registration heart rhythm also can help measure the effort of a person as well as healthy habits .

Although recorded by Apple patent does not specify what use will give this technology - even ensures that they are to be incorporated in future models - seems a logical step in the evolution of the iPhone. The latest model of the brand, the iPhone 5S, incorporates a fingerprint reader in the physical button on the terminal , allowing the user to authenticate with the device. If this is added to the reading of the heartbeat , the chances of identity theft are reduced.

The identification by the pulse is not based on the beats per minute, constantly changing ,  but the little nuances of the electrocardiogram. These , analyzed with enough resolution , are unique to each person , independent of rhythm.

In addition to the patent for cardiac sensor , Apple has also registered a patent on a technology that will help improve the accuracy of the touch panel. The new system is able to detect the presence of a finger on the screen even when you are not playing .

Samsung already use similar technology on your phone Galaxy S4, to allow communication with the terminal using gestures.

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