Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Videos: LG webOS TV Overview and depth demostration. Multitasking is powerful.Pics.

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The two videos below show in every instance the powerful webOS multitasking. Although there is a row of cards on the launcher that can be interchanged between them, the webOS cards image of apps opened before are shown on the same row. There is also some kind of notification window on the top right of the  TV display that suggest a game , a movie etc according to the app you are on.

To surf on the TV display you have the LG remote control pointer, which works for anything you need to do on the TV.

The launcher row dissapears when you select to stay on any app, for example watching a movie, but can be called again to appear and change app.



Phil McKinney comment:

I checked out the webOS TV from LG .. and bellow are some pictures. Some initial comments ...

1) The "card" navigation was changed lightly to accommodate the navigation on a non-touch screen. The team did a great job of maintaining the webOS feel while adjusting it to the form factor.
2) The performance was very good ...
3) The navigation with the "remote" was easy to learn/use ...
4) The app catalog look good to start with.

... the verdict?? I would love to have one! 

Comment and pictures Source: Facebook

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