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Apple selected exclusively LG for iWatch production starting July-September for 2 millions units.

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iWatch concept.

iWatch back concept.

LG will produce the iWatch panels (code named Kids Watch) (which are allegedly going to measure in at 1.52 inches) using its flexible display technology (P-OLED, as in Plastic OLED, the same tech introduced by LG with its G Flex smartphone), so we’re most likely looking at a curved design. In addition, these rumors indicate that LG will start mass producing the iWatch screens within the July-September 2014 timeslot, and that the initial production volume will be set at 2 million units.

The reason why Apple selected LG was the small display OLED bright was high with lower power comsumption.

Original report:The original post we translated (using Google) from Korean to English and below posted was found on a webcache here

LGD, Apple iPad 1.52 inches OLED 3 quarters for mass production of watch
[Digital Daily reporter hanjuyeop] LG display Apple iPad to be mounted on a small watch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panel was selected as sole supplier.
20 days, according to industry sources, LG Display is coming from the third quarter to 1.52 inches OLED panel mass production. The initial production volume will scale the May 2000000.LG Display, Apple's made by the panel of smart clock kids watch (tentative name) will be mounted. Kids watch is said to be released later this year. Initial orders for the iPhone usually display panel in February 400-5000000 conservative given that number, but the production potential of LG Display, Apple, yield the same consideration and decision. It is also the first entry in the smart watch market conservatively estimated initial volume to one of the reasons.
LG Display in Paju 3.5 generation low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) factory of AP2 line (E2) of the initial version of the flexible display substrate based on plastic OLED panel production. LG Display is a 3.5-generation line of AP2-E2 (730 × 920 ㎜) 2 substrate (730 × 460 ㎜) and cut back the organic material deposition process is performed, such as split '2 'way to introduce total production potential haedun state Approximately 1 million discs per month will scale the input. One official said, "Watch for the display of area shipments are not large enough, because the current production capacity to digest, but the children also watch plenty of customers is increasing shipments hwadoemyeon will not be forced to embark on new investment," he said.
Apple-based plastic substrate of the OLED display as specified by the child watch because the backlight unit (BLU) for writing a liquid crystal display (LCD) is because thin and light compared. The smaller the size of the OLED brightness is high, power consumption is less as it is reportedly the reason of choice.
Meanwhile, a representative for the past six days hansangbeom LG Display (local time) '2014 International CES 'is held in Las Vegas held a press conference "method for mobile OLED glass substrate is not a business plan," said "(to implement flexible displays a) focus on plastic products, "he said. He said, "(like Apple) mobile OLED glass substrate makers want finished plastic products are good, but the sales equation," said "the future of plastic OLED to knock car market," he said.
Posted on the, but in the meantime and for unknown reasons, the mentioned website has pulled the report. 

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