Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Video: LG webOS Smart TV Speech and Finger Gestures demo. webOS on blurays too.

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The LG webOS TV also works for Speech and Finger Gestures Recognition. For that the TV needs a camera. So LG will have models with and without the camera. 

Without a camera will work only with the remote and with camera with both ways. But you can buy the camera separately.

The gestures are slick. You just raise a finger in the air and it immediately brings up an interface for adjusting the channel or volume simply by waving your finger. You can also bring your finger up to your lips to instantly mute. It is surprisingly responsive. Some of the higher-end TVs will come with built-in cameras for this. Others will require you to purchase the small camera separately, and while WebOS will be on some of LG's Blu-ray players, the voice and gestures will be limited to the TVs.

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