Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nokia Normandy Android smartphone pictures leaked.

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Evleaks have now shown the leaked pictures of the Normandy Android phone from Nokia which shows how the Android phone from Nokia would look like, with the Android interface. It doesn’t really look like most of the other Android interfaces, but that’s how Nokia might have been planning to do it –maybe taking inspiration from the Windows Phone OS.

The presence of just a single bottom button and nothing else still confuses on how Nokia is planning about it.

According to multiple sources that are familiar with the company’s plans “Nokia is developing its own Android phone”, which has been codenamed “Normandy” internally. Though the codename would be changed to something else once the product is released.
Well known Twitter leakster @evleaks revealed the rumored Nokia Normandy’s Photo in the last month when nothing much was known about the device. The mysterious phone is likely to be an Asha device due to lack of hardware shutter button, capacitive buttons and LED flash in it, intending for budget-minded users as a low end phone lacking even the basic Smartphone hardware like a GPS radio or 3G data, but supposed to be running Android applications like Skype, and other popular apps. 
It is unclear whether Nokia will release the handset before the deal is finalized with Microsoft, though the device was designed and planned before the acquisition began. Multiple sources claim that the phone is due for a release in 2014. One insider said that the project will complete and Normandy will be released, describing its status as “full steam ahead.” It is also reported that the version of Android used in the phone is heavily customized and modified.Android applications like Skype, and other popular apps. 

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