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Video: A 20+ minutes interview with LG`s webOS TV product and design head managers.

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The Verge made a very interesting Interview to LG`s Colin Zhao, Director Product Manager and Itai Vonshak, Head of Product Management and Design of the relaunched webOS ( before owned by Palm/HP )

In the interview questions like Why webOS on a TV? are answered. 

webOS is the browser  for surfing  and selecting built in apps and to go surfing out that world, Itai Vonshak says.

This is what LG says about webOS:
Differentiated user experience (UX) into a smart TV 'market restructuring'
LG's all-red TV, HD TV's ultra-competitive products combined with software called a Web OS customers plans to offer differentiated value. Starting this year, the LG Smart TV with Web OS is a strategic platform to foster. In particular, 3S (Simple Connection, Simple Switching, Simple Discovery) core values, represented by the Smart TV offers the easiest and most convenient to use Smart TV, we plan provided for differentiated competition.
Web OS is applied to LG Smart TV and has a total aggregate of smart technology smart features to the product, while watching TV, you can write the most easy and convenient. For example, consumers have watched the live broadcast two clicks on YouTube and the Internet can be accessed easily. In addition,for  the consumer  to feel the initial setting of the Smart TV as a convenience animation fun and easy to follow anyone can make.
LG Electronics offers customers a differentiated user experience continues to provide the global smart TV market restructuring plans.
Sources: TheVerge  and LGNewsRoom
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