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CES 2014: HP's launches 1st Android All-in-One Business Desktop. The Slate21 Pro.

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The Slate21 Pro AiO: HP’s First Android All-In-One Business Desktop
Odds are your workforce is running around with SOME kind of Android device. It could be the smartphone they are checking between meetings – or a tablet when they are on the road. Now what if I told you a business-ready Android desktop is now available?

Well, we introduced the groundbreaking-and-powerful Slate21 late last year. Now, it’s ready to get down to business! Enter the business-focused Slate21 Pro AiO, which made its debut today at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

HP Slate21 Pro All-In-One: Plug in, turn on, get working!
Businesses demand responsiveness and reliability in a desktop – and now, being able to get all that for under 400 bucks looks great for anybody’s bottom line. 

Starting at $379, this Android desktop was built from the ground up with business-ready features and Google applications. Cloud-based office software is available through Google Drive so all of your spreadsheets, documents, and presentations are secure and available anytime.

Smart computing, increased productivity
Work smarter and keep up with all of your projects, regardless of your Android device. You can sign in with your Google account on your mobile or desk-based Android; Google Cloud Services and autosynching ensures you have access to the latest file on any Google-based device. You also get access to over one million apps on Google Play such as Adobe, Evernote and more to bring increased productivity in all scenarios such as in the office, education settings or a small business with a kiosk.

Download and go: "It just works!"
The nice thing here that shouldn’t go without saying: If your teams are already using Android apps, just log in and the Slate21 Pro automatically downloads and installs everything they are already using – and it will just work.

Yes, the Slate21 Pro AiO runs on Android. However, many businesses still rely on Windows.

No worries -- the Slate21 Pro AiO offers the best of both worlds! With the touch of a button, just toggle between Android and Windows PC. How? Connect a Windows PC to your HP Slate21 Pro AiO using an HDMI-in connection and the included USB cable to use the AiO as a Windows-enabled touch display. That way you can use the Slate21 Pro hardware for both Android and Windows.

Dual functionality, security
Besides offering both Android and Windows functionalities, the Slate21 Pro includes a 21.5-inch full HD IPS touchscreen computer and includes integrated hardware and software tools for video conferencing. With HP’s TrueVision HD 720p webcam, workers can join conference calls and webinars with Google Hangouts, Skype or other platforms. Check out this video to learn more about this great business AiO:

Of course, a huge concern for business IT managers is security. HP’s Android AiO protects businesses from unauthorized access to computer data with security enhancements from Android. The desktop also is Citrix-ready and gives IT managers the solutions to manage apps and maintain security and corporate with Citrix XenMobile. For remote users, the Slate21 Pro also comes with Citrix Receiver to help workers out of the office obtain important files.

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