Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leaked picture taken with Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 suggests a 21 Mpxls camera.

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The Leaked picture below was taken with a supposed Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 version SM-G900V and  suggests a 21 Mpxls camera The photo was shared by @evleaks on twitter but originally posted by @123fliptest on flipboard

info from EXIF reveals that the camera had an f/2.2 aperture and a focal length of 4.6mm. Assuming the camera lens will be 28mm equivalent in 35mm terms equivalent, the sensor size comes in at 1/2.5" – the size of the 20MP in the Nokia Lumia 1520.
There is indeed some speculation that since the photo has 16:9 aspect ratio, the full resolution of the sensor could be 21MP (for a 4:3 sensor).

All the codes for the Samsung Galaxy S5 worldwide for carriers:
• - SM-G9006V_CHN_CHN (China)

• - SM-G9008V_CHN_ZM (China)
• - SM-G9009D_CHN_CTC (China)
• - SM-G900A_NA_ATT (AT&T)
• - SM-G900D_JPN_DCM (Japan)
• - SM-G900F_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
• - SM-G900H_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
• - SM-G900I_SEA_XSA (Asia)
• - SM-G900J_JPN_KDI (Japan)
• - SM-G900K_KOR_KTC (Korea)
• - SM-G900L_KOR_LGT (Korea)
• - SM-G900M_LA_VF (Vodafone)
• - SM-G900P_NA_SPR (Sprint)
• - SM-G900R4_NA_USC (US Cellular)
• - SM-G900S_KOR_SKC (Korea)
• - SM-G900T_NA_TMB (T-Mobile)
• - SM-G900V_NA_VZW (Verizon)
• - SM-G900W8_NA_BMC (BMC)

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