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Rumors: HP may launch an Android phatablet (smartphone) next week.

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In September 2012 Meg Whitman HP CEO said to FOX News (video above) that the company have to make an smartphone because in some countries it is their first device and don`t have a tablet or a PC and as a computer company HP will launch an smartphone in the right time.

Now the rumor comes from 9to5Google  about HP was on track to launch a smartphone between 6-7 inches small .

The Galaxy Note 3 that HP’s product is being compared to is 5.5 inches so we’d wager the screen is closer to 6-inches.

9to5Google says, they gotten word from inside HP that the company is set to release an inexpensive Android smartphone aimed at the prepaid and emerging (BRIC) markets.

They are hearing the street price will be around $200 and it will be released in more than one market. The source has pegged the launch at next week but delays can’t be ruled out at this point . 

Nokia Meego defector and new HP SVP Mobility  Alberto Torres is said to be heading up the group which has been working on the product for a year and a half.

Samsung Galaxy Note3 unlocked amazon store:

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