Friday, January 31, 2014

What are LG`s plans for webOS ? Video.

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Bae-Geun Kang, Head of TV software development details the plans LG have for  webOS in the near future:

"LG Smart TV with webOS platform will become the core device that connects all your electronic appliances in your home. We plan to operate this OS in other devices as well to improve connectivity, making content sharing easier and more intelligent.

It will allow smarter services by converging advanced webOS technologies for users in the near future."

On a before post Samuel Chang, Corporate VP, Division Head of LG Silicon Valley Lab [webOS] and Smart TV Innovation at LGE:
"We want webOS to like to bring other products, says Chang. All devices that connect to the internet are one possible option"
According to LG , HP not success with webOS was because the hardware not because of the software.

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