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ISE 2014: LG to showcase ULTRA HD TVs with WebOS Smart Hotel TV feature.

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LG will showcase the World`s Largest 105" Ultra HD Display with a webOS application Smart Hotel TV which is equipped with maximum ease of use without having to wear clothes. Actually you can look on the 'LG board' 

The exhibition will take place at the Integrated System Europe 2014 February 4-6 in Amsterdan, NL.

Digital Signane is in a variety of high-IPS Smart Hotel TV. It serves to strengthen commercial display markets.

LG Electronics is presenting the 105" type Ultra HD signage, the world's smallest bezel video wall (Video Wall), as well as innovative hardware, such as the 'Web OS' feast, and equipped with the Smart Hotel TV, Business to Business (B2B) clients will captivate the eye of that.

■ Ultra HD digital signage era map
The exhibition at the LG 105 type, 98 type, 84 type, such as a super ultra-HD digital signage to highlight the booth front.
Very large size of the 105 type Ultra HD signage is 21:09 aspect ratio, the ratio of the actual objects and people to implement a realistic and delicate clothing, and is perfect for car shop.
105 type and 98 type Ultra HD video compression standard existing signage (H.264) compression compared to two times the level of the 'high-efficiency video coding (HEVC)' equipped with a decoder, 30p, 60p video playback all possible.
Ultra HD 84-type signage is interactive multi-touch touch-enabled products. 10-point touch technology that, at the same time detect the ten fingers. Shopping malls and galleries, educational institutions suitable for utilization and management is also applied to the film prevents fingerprints easily.
■ 'Web OS' Mount Smart Hotel TV
LG Electronics will exhibit the 'Web OS' TV is also equipped with a smart hotel app .'Web OS' is equipped on Smart TV for hotel guests to easily and conveniently via the UI Description surrounding attractions, entertainment and other necessary information so that you can enjoy the comfort.
'Web OS' Smart Hotel TV is advantageous in terms of operation and management of hotels. The hotel offers personalized solutions to operational early TV set, a stable server connection, offering VOD content from the smooth operation and management of hotel TV responsible for all aspects.
You can check the TV Remote Management System  that ensures the privacy of guest history and auto-delete function  to provide convenience and hotel operations care at the convenience of the guests.

■ The actual figure can wear without having to get dressed in the 'LG board'
LG Electronics is a high-performance touch screen also serves as a mirror and 'LG board ' is presented. While using a mirror in a fashion store display, store customers' clothes fitting' actual capabilities without having to put yourself in different angles you can be identified. In addition, the display shown in the size and color of the product through the catalog,to  check it is possible.
The transparent display will showcase upgraded.Utilizing a transparent display showing the actual product as advertising or other promotional content on it , are suitable for high-quality shopping malls.
The LG Electronics 55-inch display that is connected to the entrance to the exhibition a 'video wall (Video Wall)' to install captivate the eyes of visitors. LG 'video wall' is a joint border thickness 3.5mm to minimize eyesore can represent a magnificent screen, and a mere 23kg per unit weight is also easy to install. Sports stadiums, theaters, exhibition hall, suitable for use in music festivals. In addition, LG's super-sign (SuperSign) to provide software to edit the content in a variety of forms, can be directed.
HE Vice President of Global Sales  at LG Electronics says "innovative hardware equipped with the best software solutions for the global commercial display showcase a variety of products to enhance market penetration," 
* Digital Signage picture in a public place such as a letter or through a variety of information on the screen to show advertising purposes, as well as digital imaging devices, the experience can lead to a variety of customers, a communications tool.

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