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Upcoming Curved, Bendable or Foldable mobiles. Glass displays the end.

Upcoming Curved, Bendable or Foldable mobiles. Glass displays the end.

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Actual flexible smart  display technology is taken us to a new age of mobile devices where manufacturers want to get consumers in the next generations of smartphones, tablets, hybrids and maybe small ultrabooks, with the 3 options of curved, bendable or foldable displays.

But, it is not just a matter of blowing bottles or just strike a match. OEMs are taking a phase  one by one.

Samsung and LG took the first launch batch of CURVED smartphones/tablet with the ROUND and G FLEX  respectively, this last with a differentiation advantage of a self healing back cover.

The interesting thing is whatever Samsung or LG do Apple will make it. Or viceversa. However Apple does not manufacture flexible displays, they will buy it made. Samsung and LG make their own flexible smart  display. And that is an advantage for them, their mobile devices will come with unexpected hardware features.

That is great for all us, hoping OEMs will not neglect mobiles OS improvements on the way.

We will see  in the first phase CURVED mobiles only with one principal and with two or three wrap side curved flexible display.

This phase of CURVED displays will take no more than one year 2013/ 2014.

In 2015  the first BENDABLE smartphones/tablets will take off for real.  Sales will be boosted up for the first who comes out with these mobiles. The Samsung ROUND, LG G Flex and iPhone 6 will be history and the beginning of the end of the Gorilla Glass display smartphones. No more Glass.

Finally 2016/2017 the phase of FOLDABLE mobiles will start. Your smartphone or smartphone/tablet will fold at least in 4 sheets and will fit in your shirt pocket.

What will you prefer?

metas samsung pantallas plegables Samsung conceptos de visualización para flexible / pantalla OLED enrollable

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

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